August 29, 2011

Hello! Metronomy is a great band!

I tried updating a few times a day or two ago, but the internet around here was being screwy, so it led to nothing but frustration and broken links. o_0
Today was the first day of school at LCAD! I can't really say much about it so far though, since  I only had one class, where all we did was contour drawings.
Now that school is starting, my responsible side seems to finally be kicking in. And damn well time too, I gotta get goooooood ;___;  I've carefully partitioned out my days and arranged my schedule. I always enjoy doing that, even though 80% of the time I don't follow them. Gotta work harder, I'm such a slacker....And I've got to focus!...somehow. The learning process is the most confusing, frustrating thing about art. IMO at least. I have the terrible habit of a quantity-over-quality mindset that I fall into, and then I don't really focus when I do my studies. Although I don't even really know how to focus or what to focus on in the first place... Haha.. it just seems to go round and round like that in my head.
Oh well. Work! work work work. On the subject of work, now if only I could go get a job ;__; even mcdonalds doesn't want my services apparently. Sigh. I bet it's because I'm 17.

Studies/Reffed stuff:

from head/junk:

i'm so rusty with drawing men @_@!

Also, as the title says, Metronomy is a great band! :D Youuu should check them out.

August 24, 2011

crappy sketches

that all look the same.

i'm in need of a compatible USB cable for my tablet right now since my old one broke. so now only sketches lols. really, really, really bad ones.

August 21, 2011

i am moving tomorrow for college :3

i am
and I am even more terrible at improving in color.

August 18, 2011

last post before I get my Macbook and therefore completely abandon this computer forever! Oh, you served me well, Compaq Presario laptop with 50 GB of hard disk space and a now broken screen and CD drive and missing " ," key. (that's not even a working sentence i know)
anyway, I think this is all I did other than sketchbook stuff. hurhur.
Today I found 2001: A Space Odyssey at Walmart for $5! Life is good. However, right afterwards my mom made me go 'fishing' with her for four hours, and we caught nothing... and I hate fishing. And all I did was walk up and down the pier for four hours.
= H =

August 14, 2011

back at the grind

my hand constantly hurts. I always grip my pen too tight and press too hard. It's just how I write/draw, but I totally know that some hand/joint/bone problems are in my future like many other unfortunate hardworking artists... ;-; need to learn how to change this... but then again it may be too late.

it is unreasonable how un-intuitive and bad I am with painting. And how bad I am at processing studies. 0_0 I feel like these did nothing for my colors/painting... but... I tryyyyyyy.
I'm also trying to work through the 'Famous Artists Course', which is really helpful and a great read. Not sure if any of the studies are getting through though (which is always a problem with me), but hey, as long as I'm pumping it out I suppose.

I packed my scanner for college so no sketchbook pages atm


not studies

August 9, 2011

I'm a terrible worker

i pretty much did nothing this week! :D
i've been having a terrible time.. managing my time. I absolutely suck at self control.
Actually, I pretty much always have this persistent nagging voice in the back of my head that says, 'what the hell are you doing, watching and rewatching The Office all day? it doesn't matter that Jim is adorable or that the bloopers are hilarious or that every single time I watch The Office I laugh no matter what. What does matter is that a month from now, you are going to need to juggle classes, driving, finding a job, taking care of yourself, and learning how to draw all at the same time and you are completely retarded for not taking advantage of the time you have now to focus solely on that. And to not get fat."
Ah, but then of course the voice of reason is often very very weak. Which is why today I've rewatched 9 hours worth of The Office. Which is really terrible of me, I know. I suck.

August 1, 2011


I made a blogspot because for some reason it seems that every artsy person has blogspot LOL. Now people can find my art on a grand total of 4 different sites, hooray..
I am too lazy to add friends though, hopefully when I go to college I'll acquire some, haha. For now I'll be blogging lonelily :P

Anyway, helpful exposition. My name is Xinrui (pronounced sin-REE). I'm 17 and I'll be starting at Laguna College of Art and Design in late August/early September 2011, majoring in their Game Art program. I love entertainment art, concept design...good paintings.. I pretty much just love good art, but especially stuff geared towards the entertainment industry. As for myself, I am a noob in all things art but I am very determined not to stay one.

As a side note, I really enjoy weird movies, learning about serial killers, and cheese.

So this will be my... art dumping blog.
Here's some recent stuff to start it off.

Anatomy/Value Studies:

Bad Sargent Study:


my motto nowadays is "I really wish I knew how to suck less!"

oh well. till next time, internet.