August 14, 2011

back at the grind

my hand constantly hurts. I always grip my pen too tight and press too hard. It's just how I write/draw, but I totally know that some hand/joint/bone problems are in my future like many other unfortunate hardworking artists... ;-; need to learn how to change this... but then again it may be too late.

it is unreasonable how un-intuitive and bad I am with painting. And how bad I am at processing studies. 0_0 I feel like these did nothing for my colors/painting... but... I tryyyyyyy.
I'm also trying to work through the 'Famous Artists Course', which is really helpful and a great read. Not sure if any of the studies are getting through though (which is always a problem with me), but hey, as long as I'm pumping it out I suppose.

I packed my scanner for college so no sketchbook pages atm


not studies

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