August 29, 2011

Hello! Metronomy is a great band!

I tried updating a few times a day or two ago, but the internet around here was being screwy, so it led to nothing but frustration and broken links. o_0
Today was the first day of school at LCAD! I can't really say much about it so far though, since  I only had one class, where all we did was contour drawings.
Now that school is starting, my responsible side seems to finally be kicking in. And damn well time too, I gotta get goooooood ;___;  I've carefully partitioned out my days and arranged my schedule. I always enjoy doing that, even though 80% of the time I don't follow them. Gotta work harder, I'm such a slacker....And I've got to focus!...somehow. The learning process is the most confusing, frustrating thing about art. IMO at least. I have the terrible habit of a quantity-over-quality mindset that I fall into, and then I don't really focus when I do my studies. Although I don't even really know how to focus or what to focus on in the first place... Haha.. it just seems to go round and round like that in my head.
Oh well. Work! work work work. On the subject of work, now if only I could go get a job ;__; even mcdonalds doesn't want my services apparently. Sigh. I bet it's because I'm 17.

Studies/Reffed stuff:

from head/junk:

i'm so rusty with drawing men @_@!

Also, as the title says, Metronomy is a great band! :D Youuu should check them out.

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