September 30, 2011


A lot of the stuff I'm pumping out at the moment is under NDA, ironically (because I really didn't think that would happen until like 4 years from now... but they want to be 'professional' so w/e). I totally wish I could show it, but, well, I can't. Oh well! 
Also, my drawing schedule is in the process of being shifted around... because, well.. I guess I could say that the time I usually use for doing studies/chilling out and such is now being filled with other activities, and I now need to sort of work around that. 
So I checked my art folder the other day and inspected the work I did a month ago, comparing it with the work I'm doing now. I was very disappointed to see that there wasn't much visible, obvious change. :( Sigh. Gotta work harder. My resolution is to do more finished drawings and studies, and to focus more on initial structure and proportion, because I always kind of skimp out on those areas, which always kills me when I try drawing stuff from head because I retain information very loosely as well. And I keep forgetting to cross over to the more technical aspects of art, like hard-surface rendering and deep perspective and sensible design... ._. I really want to try getting into hard-surface things, like vehicles and props, just because I have very little experience in the area, and it just looks so cooool when done well.
So anyway... sparse art post, long text. Sorry :[ 



-till next time, blogspot :P

September 24, 2011

nude girls

Had a busy, super eventful week, so I just have studies to show.
...Eventful week in many, many different ways. @_@

September 19, 2011

Mondays might be my favorite day of the week

I don't know how to approach compliments... Or.. how to accept compliments? They make me sort of uncomfortable. It makes me even more uncomfortable when my teachers give me asspats and no crits. "Nice job" is of zero use to me. Please teachers.... stop that :c

It feels weird updating in the middle of the day. But I thought I would anyway because I finally scanned in my sketches :D

cave studies (except the last one, i just drew that one)
playing with various brushes

  & pages and pages of sketches.

September 17, 2011

i hate heads

so much. proportions kill me every time. i am too ashamed to show the rest.

self portrait

 skull i found while googling 'skull'
 ugly heads

September 15, 2011

everything goes my way - metronomy

These are all from yesterday. Thought I'd upload them here before they start getting too rusty in my art folder. 
Didn't draw much at all today :( 8 hour class days really sap my energy. I can't draw when I'm tired out... it's not like those AP English classes back in the day where I could stay up all night and still make semi-coherent essays. If I try to draw when I'm tired, it just all starts looking like mush.

On a side note, I decided to start taking some pictures of my... day to day college life.
But I didn't really do anything exciting today other than go to the beach. Which is a weekly event for me now hehe. Also, I found an Old Man in my hot springs in Mother 3 and i lol'ed. Completely forgot that that happens sometimes.

September 13, 2011

Note To Self - Form Change = Value Change! Don't forget

Today was the most productive art day I've had in a realllly long time! I pretty much just sat down at my computer at noon and drew for 12 hours. Whew. And that's why I am posting consecutively (:O)... I did all of this stuff today!...Plus I finished my homework and I got in work for that game thing I mentioned before. I'm kind of proud of myself, I normally don't ever have the self control to follow through with my self-assigned schedules. Although I did veer off track and watch a movie today (did it while drawing though), Audition by Takashi Miike, which I must mention was AWESOME! It's really hard for me to find horror movies that I like that also actually somewhat scare me, and this one did it. Mm, yep that one was good.

Also, I made the resolution to sketch more in digital! Although drawing on a tablet always makes me press harder, which leads to my hand hurting a lot, like it is right now. Oh well.

Back to school tomorrow! I love having Mondays free in my schedule. So nice to have a day I can just pump personal stuff like this out. I'm much more used to doing studies and those types of things on my own (I don't think I mentioned, but I don't post school stuff here, only personal studies/sketches) rather than doing homework. I guess I'm just still not used to the whole 'art school' thing. Learning art is such an elusive endeavor.. because you can't just teach someone to draw. Everyone learns differently, and trying to figure out how to learn things is the hugest, most frustrating and yet rewarding puzzle... (I'm rambling!.. I'll stop.)



September 12, 2011


I swear I keep the most haphazard, disjointed, and inconsistent sketchbook of anyone I've ever met. It is so obvious how little I care about composition or finishing things in there; I just kind of scribble around wildly.  ._. People with beautiful, illustration-y sketchbooks make me a little bit envious but at the same time I don't really care because I know I wouldn't be bothered to do that type of thing anyway. Roughness and clutter suits me. My brain is a messy, jumbled up place.

Anyway, paint/value studies:

completely accurate self portrait(down to the finest detail):

attempts at painting. ughhhhhh

needs moar environments. I actually really like sketching out environments and stuff like that, maybe more than I like drawing people. I just wish I knew how to deal with colors. :( Also wanted to try to get into industrial things, have to become faster with perspective though.