September 30, 2011


A lot of the stuff I'm pumping out at the moment is under NDA, ironically (because I really didn't think that would happen until like 4 years from now... but they want to be 'professional' so w/e). I totally wish I could show it, but, well, I can't. Oh well! 
Also, my drawing schedule is in the process of being shifted around... because, well.. I guess I could say that the time I usually use for doing studies/chilling out and such is now being filled with other activities, and I now need to sort of work around that. 
So I checked my art folder the other day and inspected the work I did a month ago, comparing it with the work I'm doing now. I was very disappointed to see that there wasn't much visible, obvious change. :( Sigh. Gotta work harder. My resolution is to do more finished drawings and studies, and to focus more on initial structure and proportion, because I always kind of skimp out on those areas, which always kills me when I try drawing stuff from head because I retain information very loosely as well. And I keep forgetting to cross over to the more technical aspects of art, like hard-surface rendering and deep perspective and sensible design... ._. I really want to try getting into hard-surface things, like vehicles and props, just because I have very little experience in the area, and it just looks so cooool when done well.
So anyway... sparse art post, long text. Sorry :[ 



-till next time, blogspot :P

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