September 3, 2011

Comfort Zones

I need to break out of them! I really need to start getting more into painting and color. And fix those weird proportions. And stop being bad at art in general... yea that would be nice too, haha.
Today I had free fig workshop from the school, then a whole day of lectures/presentations from teachers in my major and awesome game programmer/engineer/developer students etc. from USC! A lot of their projects sounded really awesome. Ambitious, but awesome. I wish I knew more about 3D modeling, though, because a great majority of the games presented called for 3D knowledge, and I would have loved to help, but I'm a noob.
Which reminds me, I need to work harder! And stop sucking at art! Ugh.
I tried doing design-y things today out of sheer frustration from seeing the amazing things ED students at Art Center do, and I failed. But I guess it probably unconsciously helped my design skills in some level... somehow. I imagine that that's how art works... You draw and draw and work hard and just somehow improving eventually comes in somewhere along the line, haha.

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