September 1, 2011

I watched the movie "Moon" today. It was very good but also had very obvious influence from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I would recommend it though.

I wanted to post earlier so I could have a final august post on the 31st, but I realized just now that because I am a late sleeper and I forget these things, it's now September. Damnit.
School's fun so far! My classes have been good, I only wish that I could make more friends LOL. So lonely QQ. I'm such an awkward person, every now and then when I talk I sort of hear myself and cringe inwardly.

I always sort of bounce back and forth when I do art. You can tell if you look in my sketchbook... I'm very inconsistent and it's weird. Today I tried sketching and it was especially bad, it was like I totally forgot everything and I regressed a year in skill. It's partly because today I am really really really tired. Right now I'm just kind of barfing words onto this page and nothing probably makes sense, sorry.

I lost the screencaps I took to all of my favorite movies when I reformatted my external HDD (QQ), so I only had so many screens to draw...... this scene in The Holy Mountain always makes me really really uncomfortable. I've watched the movie three times or so and I still can't get over how disturbing that scene is. The other one is Crispin Glover, drawn very very very badly.

crap other stuff 

I don't really know how, but... somehow drawing cliffs and snowy mountainous areas has become a comfort zone for me. even though I'm not very good at it, I can sort of just sketch them out without thinking and automatically scribble around and they don't look terrible.

september! i can't wait for my favorite tv shows to come back.

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