September 15, 2011

everything goes my way - metronomy

These are all from yesterday. Thought I'd upload them here before they start getting too rusty in my art folder. 
Didn't draw much at all today :( 8 hour class days really sap my energy. I can't draw when I'm tired out... it's not like those AP English classes back in the day where I could stay up all night and still make semi-coherent essays. If I try to draw when I'm tired, it just all starts looking like mush.

On a side note, I decided to start taking some pictures of my... day to day college life.
But I didn't really do anything exciting today other than go to the beach. Which is a weekly event for me now hehe. Also, I found an Old Man in my hot springs in Mother 3 and i lol'ed. Completely forgot that that happens sometimes.

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