September 9, 2011

Lots and lots of things to talk about

This week (which hasn't even ended yet) has been a very, very eventful week! So this will be a long post, sorry.

(This art blog seems to be slowly turning into a diary....)
Anyway I'm trying to sort of comb through all the things that have happened...
For one, I WON A FREE WORKSHOP AT RED ENGINE WITH SCOTT ROBERTSON!! yeeaaaaa! I feel so randomly lucky - I got it in a raffle Red Engine does for people that sign up for their newsletter. Scott Robertson is like a legend! ;__; I can't wait omg.

Since I switched my schedule around, I now pretty much have 8 hour days in class every day from Tues-Friday. But I have Mondays free, which I'm sure will be a good trade-off. 10 PM always feels so late to come home though, and I'm always so tired when I get back.

But I'm trying to push myself back into working as hard as I can nevertheless! I laid down some ground rules for myself on how much I should be drawing/studying outside of school. It's been working pretty well so far, although I haven't pumped out my studies for today yet. I've been doing a lot of sketches as usual though. I guess I would describe myself as a pretty prolific artist. I draw really quickly, place strokes down very fast, and I have like 8 finished sketchbooks... but I noticed that I tend to improve at a slower rate than people who draw.. less. So like.. If they drew as much as I did and did what I do, they would probably improve a whole hell of a lot more than I do at my pace. Oh well.

Lastly, I'm sort of working on this game thing! That's kind of connected to my previous post. Drew a few things up for it so far, but not going to post it right now.. gotta show the game designer guy first. So I guess it's under wraps for now.

Okay, no more personal ranting, here's the art now lol. This is over the last three days I think.. didn't get to draw at all on Monday/Tuesday :(

underwater scene thing.. needs better values
 .... i wasn't sure what I was drawing when I drew it, and I couldn't really figure it out so i just left it like this

 I need to go recover more screencaps. the bottom one irked me because the colors on my screen looked wrong.. I tried calibrating my monitor but Mac display calibration tools are really really annoying and too subjective. not sure what to do about that

and my usual mass of sketches


till next time, blogspot! time to go relax with a study and a weird movie

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