September 13, 2011

Note To Self - Form Change = Value Change! Don't forget

Today was the most productive art day I've had in a realllly long time! I pretty much just sat down at my computer at noon and drew for 12 hours. Whew. And that's why I am posting consecutively (:O)... I did all of this stuff today!...Plus I finished my homework and I got in work for that game thing I mentioned before. I'm kind of proud of myself, I normally don't ever have the self control to follow through with my self-assigned schedules. Although I did veer off track and watch a movie today (did it while drawing though), Audition by Takashi Miike, which I must mention was AWESOME! It's really hard for me to find horror movies that I like that also actually somewhat scare me, and this one did it. Mm, yep that one was good.

Also, I made the resolution to sketch more in digital! Although drawing on a tablet always makes me press harder, which leads to my hand hurting a lot, like it is right now. Oh well.

Back to school tomorrow! I love having Mondays free in my schedule. So nice to have a day I can just pump personal stuff like this out. I'm much more used to doing studies and those types of things on my own (I don't think I mentioned, but I don't post school stuff here, only personal studies/sketches) rather than doing homework. I guess I'm just still not used to the whole 'art school' thing. Learning art is such an elusive endeavor.. because you can't just teach someone to draw. Everyone learns differently, and trying to figure out how to learn things is the hugest, most frustrating and yet rewarding puzzle... (I'm rambling!.. I'll stop.)



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