October 15, 2011


It's really been hectic in the last two weeks or so. Schedules being pushed around, making time for things... I've been doing so much of this and that and hustling around to places that I barely did any personal work at all, and I've just been struggling to get my homework and such in on time! It's mostly just because of my bad time management, but I haven't even had the time to update this blog, which sorely needs updating lol. This is the first free weekend I've had in a while, so I can finally get my shit straight. ._. And do some personal studies and stuff - without those, I always feel like I'm being lazy or cheating myself. And since I don't post homework or school things here, it makes for a more boring blog.

This week I decided to start maintaining a tiny life drawing sketchbook, after seeing this guy at red engine over the weekend with one. I'm shooting for five pages a day.. I'm so rusty with it though! Proportions kill me.

In this post - sketch spam! Ah, so many sketches and so little improvement.

digi doodles



anyway, trying to get myself back on track!
oh, and I got my sketchbook signed by James Gurney!
and I got this book signed by Scott Robertson. :D


  1. Hey Xinrui! It's Alexis! (I sat next to you in Photoshop)

    Your art is so awesome!!! Kbye XDD