October 29, 2011

been skimping heavily on personal work

also, it all looks terrrrible.

here is a nudie woman i painted today. 1 1/2 hrs. I think that this is pretty much the highest level of finish I can get to when I do these studies..

oh, and 3 more pages of nudie women.. I've been hitting the anatomy books lately. Haven't scanned any of those in or anything though. ..... I really need to go focus on drawing men instead of women. Whyyyy am I so boring?..

Oh, and the first thing I've ever posted from schoolwork. This is a painting I did for my photoshop class. I'm not sure what is going on, but I rationalized that the girl is going through some ritual involving penguin spirits. I find it kind of 'meh', but it's something different from what I usually do..

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  1. Your school project was really cool! I wish I understood digital painting as well as you dooo >__<