December 30, 2012

happpppy holidays?!

Merry Christmasss! These past two weeks have been a bit of down time for me, even though I totally don't deserve it, with my portfolio deadline coming up in a month @_@ ahhh! Umm I finally have a bit of free time now that I'm only working one job, hah. I would say that things have been looking up for me though... except for work, where I got caught a bunch of times and so now I'm unable to draw there for a while u_u But anywayy other than that it's been pretty good, just the stress of that huge looming portfolio deadline starting to get to me nowadays. Oh wellll though :> New Year's is coming up!.. It's going to be 2013 :o


Little Otik (2000) 4/5

A bizarre film that is somewhat predictable in some areas despite its authentically creepy, surrealistic edge. Little Otik is a movie that is difficult to forget and an absolutely unnerving experience.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) 5/5

Impeccably constructed, humorous and charming throughout. Thrilling and whimsical, this is one of Wes Anderson's finest.

December 10, 2012

I'm 19 nowwww

Hectic week...sort of. Lots of emotional ups and downs... and I turned 19! My family all decided to give me cash for some reason, which is fine by me. Anyway.... still working on portfolio of course. I got a little off track this week because of things that have been happening to me, but hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon. Unrelated: I played through Journey, which was absolutely ammmmazing!.. *_*

As for the other things I've been drawing... umm I painted this girl, this is the sketch lol...

and a whole bunch of sketches. I finished another book yesterday! =w=

btw follow my friend apollo, he's cool and he finally made an actual blog!

and umm, i watched this

The Host (2006) 4/5

This is a monster movie that at some points feels like it could be anything else except one. Wholly unbelievable and largely unpredictable, The Host is a bizarre movie that, despite its strange plot twists, doesn't fail to excite and has a fairly superb sense of humor as well.

...going to bed now, it's 4 AM ;_;