January 28, 2012


school's sapping away at my time, energy, and money ;v;
bunch of sketches this week. i haven't painted in a while... :(

this week i discovered how much i really like drawing weird lewd usually female human/creature combinations.  ಠ_ಠ

on a tiny side note, i really like robots. i should work on drawing robot things and practice hard surfaces...

I got a new sketchbook. I love Quattro sketchbooks now, they're awesome

Also, homework for a class I'm not actually in. Therefore I have nowhere else to place this except here. LOL

till next time :3

January 16, 2012

school has started

er.. not much to say. :>

tank drawings i did from my tank book
 today's nudie studies
 random 1 1/2 hour painting of 'throne room' lol. looks like peacocks
5 min studies from enviro book. i keep going LOL at the camels
 60 1 min environment exercise thingy. props to sean for the idea. mostly unreadable, i should work on that 

i had a long, tiring but artsy day. whew.

January 12, 2012

it's been a while

Winter Break has been breezing by, and now that it's almost over I realized I was way overdue for an art update! Sadly I didn't do as much work as I would have wanted, I accidentally left my tablet pen behind when I went home for break, which shouldn't be an excuse actually LOL. It's mostly just because I was being lazy and I can't work at home. I moved into a new apartment with my desk and my bed in separate rooms and my productivity has gone wayyyy up. :) So while I only have a few days of break left before going full force into second semester, they will be productive days.

So anyway, here is pretty much everything I've done over winter break, which really isn't much. I'm not putting in the crap I've been scrawling in my new 'anatomy sketchbook' though because they are all terrible and the pages are too small and annoying to scan.

I've gotten into the habit of doing an hour of "nudie studies" aka nekkid pepo drawing aka life drawing every morning. It actually helps a lot; it puts me in the mood for work and I learn things :P

some studies...

and sketches. that robot is a wip i guess.

 also, this. this is what i wear all the time. :D

yep. see you next time blogspot