February 4, 2012

chugging along.

lots of ugly stuff floating around for me this week. ughhhhh o_O it's 3 am and i'm tired..

character/creature thumbnails. i always tend to make the same shapes, need to do more of these.

ugly mountain sketch
 even uglier figure thing. wtf is this

20 min head studies

 naked girl
random mountain

 20 minute studies. first two from photos, last one from tom scholes ._.
 various things. random fish i drew for fun
studies on birds i did so i could draw random birds for fun

 random birds i drew for fun

 random weird cars i drew for fun.
 more things i drew for the luls
 comic book page on a project that i want to start working on about a girl who gets stuck in her own lucid dream

 character outfit designs based on sparrows

stuff from workshop last friday

 nekkid pepo
 expression sheet i did for class. didn't really spend enough time on the four on the side as you can see

and a monster i'm going to be modeling in 3dsmax for class.

whew. going to sleep now. zzzzzz

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  1. Hey Xinrui! Your 20 min head studies are awesome!! I can tell that your studies are improving your overall art style! :)