June 20, 2012

I don't have time or money or skill, what do I do?

how do I begin to study environments? and vehicles? I have to go do that...

My life is still being strange to me, but everything is inexplicably holding itself together at the moment, thanks to someone awesome. :>



CDA homework from my viscom class

June 10, 2012

10 more days

Going back to updating weekly~

I've been working on my porfolio and looking for a job(non-art related)... so these studies are all i really have to show for this week, but i'm doing other work too.


stuff  for my CDA class. really great & informative class! i'm taking Viscom w/ Peter Han.

how-to make an egg white face mask!

and... finally....
this happened.

 .. i'm so sorry .___.

stay tuned for more 0v0

June 3, 2012

My life is strange at the moment

So I haven't posted for about a month.
There is no real reason for this. It's mostly because I'm lazy and a jerk to myself and I didn't draw much.

The last month has been very strange....
I took a two week break from drawing after school ended. This was a terrible, terrible decision... I felt so so strange when I started drawing again. While I was taking that  'break', I was too scared to draw... I was scared that I had forgotten how to do everything. I was definitely super rusty when I picked my pen back up. Anyway, I've mostly been working on portfolio stuff, which I'm not going to show until I'm done with the whole thing. Since I had finals and took that break, I am way behind in portfolio. Again, this is just because I'm an idiot.... haha.
So.. on the matter of life being weird to me, I got kicked out of my house. I will have things sort of figured out in a few weeks but at the moment I'm staying at a friend's place... but I will definitely have to go out and find some minimum wage job and get some money. Still trying to figure things out about applying to Art Center in October... life is being kind of a dick to me at the moment though. I finally got around to taking Viscom at CDA though, so that's a good thing... But I'm broke, ahhhh.... And I just feel massive amounts of guilt for not drawing enough... 

but anyway, here are some drawings.. i got a new sketchbook 

figure studies I did after I took that 2 week break. This was the first set of studies I did... I felt so odd and rusty

 drew my boyfriend's niece/nephew. really cute kids 
 enviro studies

 studies of cars...
 more studies, etc 

nothing too interesting here, move along, move along