July 25, 2012

7 25 12

Uh... more of the same. Studies... sketches... yeah. Cyclops down there at the end. In other minor news, I've decided to work towards getting fit for the first time in my life..


quick study

self portrait

cyclops for my wonderful boyfriend.. lol

Oh yes, and... movie reviews! .. Will put in the actual review content tomorrow.. I'm sleepy, maybe you can tell ahah..
Just doing one liners today for no reason

In the Realm of the Senses (1976) 4 / 5
This extremely graphic movie is a study on obsession and sexual lust that shifts slightly with each scene and makes for a fascinating character study.

Du Levande (You, The Living) (2007) 4.5 / 5
You, the Living is a cynical tribute to the banality and desperation of life that is marked by great moments of clever, bleak humor. 

Friday the Thirteenth (1980) 2.5 / 5
A campy, predictable flick that somehow became a horror classic.

Wild at Heart (1990) 3.5 / 5
With a good amount of action but shallow depth, Lynch's Wild at Heart is not my favorite film but nevertheless still provides entertainment.

I Can See You (2008) 3 / 5
A movie whose surreal, startling ending doesn't quite make up for the hour and forty minutes that came before.

and... that's all for now..

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