July 9, 2012

Learning how to learn...

My thought process when it comes to improvement in art is this: If you work really hard towards improvement then you'll get better. If you're not improving, you're either not doing enough work or you're not doing the work right. I'm constantly battling between my head in figuring out how to approach studies, what to do to improve, how to apply it to anything I do... I've been largely unsuccessful recently; in the past year or so I've hit another plateau where I just can't seem to improve and I've been trying to chisel away at it from doing things from all sorts of different angles. It's really frustrating... honestly for now and for a long time improvement's been the only thing I'm really aiming for in my work, which is why I've just been doing so many studies after studies after studies. And when improvement is really minuscule or doesn't seem to be happening at all when I'm obviously doing a lot of work, it is even more frustrating because all that means is that I'm not working at it in the right manner. And I think that that's an important sort of struggle for all artists... the struggle between you and your own brain, because everyone learns in different ways, and learning how to learn might just be the most difficult ongoing challenge artists ever have to face. I did a lot of studies this week, mostly anatomy. Honestly I don't really think that more than maybe 2% of what I did will stick and carry through to when I work from imagination, and the fact that I know this just further proves that I'm not approaching it the right way. But I'll figure it out eventually, I'll break through it. Have to improve, there's no other option..


this week on my drafting table..



  1. dude your crazy, your definitely improving! I can see it in your vis com work especially. I hate when I hit a plateau too, but you shouldn't think that your not doing the work right. If your practicing, you're going to improve, that's just a straight up fact. Some studies just help you move along quicker than others. Oh and not to mention, the better you are, the harder the plateau is and the less you see improvement because your just refining what you already can do pretty damn well. I guarantee at the end of the summer, if you look at your work from our spring semester at LCAD, and compare it, you will see that you improved a lot.

    1. aw, thanks james ,___, yeah i can never see improvement and i always feel like i'm never doing enough or that what i'm doing doesn't seem to be helping..but it always kind of ends up driving my brain around in circles in frustration hahaha
      heyy you made a blog! awesome, will go follow you right now..