July 1, 2012

Today is July 1st 2012

So my friend Sean has this drafting table. Whenever I go over to his apartment, there's always a large amount of drawings tacked up onto this drafting board, or paintings, etc.  They're just neatly arranged on that table like some sort of exhibit, or as if he arranged them there just so that people who came in would walk over to the table and say, "Wow Sean! You drew so much cool stuff! I can see due to all of what you drew being neatly arranged on this table!" So to sort of mimick/mock him, I decided to do the same with my temporary drafting table... I decided to draw 3 pages every day and arrange them neatly on the table. And to be honest, it's actually pretty fun to see the drawings pile up, plus I'm getting a lot of good studies and stuff in. I'm taking them down every week but... things get cluttered pretty fast.

Drawing three pages every day specifically to place on a drafting table is actually kind of hard. I was going to stick with 3 for now and then go up in page amount per day so that I just have massive amounts of material on the table every week, but three is pretty adequate for now... Couldn't even finish three some days. 

Shout out to Sean and his drafting table/mini drawing exhibit corner '-'... http://junkbrush.blogspot.com

Anyway.. brown pages are from CDA. White pages are from my table...

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