August 30, 2012

America is twisted, yo

At my fast food job this woman asked for a lid for her water.. I told her that we don't give lids for water cups. Then she asked for a big size of water and I sad that we're not allowed to give out drink cups for just water.
"Oh, of course you wouldn't", she said, kind of snootily. "I'm sorry, I just think America is twisted."


This week on a whim I visited the local library in my new city.. Really pretty unimpressive, but in the sale section I found a copy of Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing From Life for just a dollar!!! Best steal I've gotten in a long time. 
Anyway, I did a lot of studies of torsos this week but I was too lazy to scan, so here's some paintings... although I can never finish anything because I always start hate what I'm painting in the middle of it and it becomes painful to keep going... I always just feel like I need to keep doing more and more studies so that painting won't be so painful in the future. That's probably wrong though, I probably should just do more painful paintings. I don't know though, I never really know..

August 21, 2012


too tired for descriptions. zzz

August 16, 2012

8 16 12

finished my viscom class in CDA. really really really great class, learned a lot. :) here's the rest of my drawings from that...

sketches from my sketchbook -


and one quick painting

trying to push out of my comfort zone, maybe get into vehicles and stuff.. I need to stop avoiding everything, haha