September 20, 2012

i would prefer not to

Lots of things have happened since I last posted... I drew a bunch but about 95% of what i did was done on paper and I don't feel like scanning...
Nevertheless, I wanted to update because I'm growing really tired of seeing that last post! Nothing special in this update, sadly, but I just wanted to refresh this blog a bit.

Anyway, things have happened in my life!
I left my old job and I'm now working at a newly opened Yogurtland in Atlantic Square, Monterey Park. Nothing says "just wait until I become an awesome artist" like a food service job, doesn't it? I actually got a flurry of 4 different job offers at a time... I had to turn down one I already accepted because I didn't have time, ahah. Well so far things at Yogurtland have been a lot better than working at my old job. Nice people there and I get free yogurt every day.... yumm :> Everyone is around my age too and seem to share at least 1 mutual friend with me...
I might also be working at the Norton Simon museum soon, thanks to a recommendation from a friend I met in CDA, Cassie ( :D Check her out, she's cool.

Meanwhile I've been trying to get my shit together and start drawing a lot again.. However, thanks to the fact that I've been moving inbetween using two different computers and mostly drawing on paper, I really have pretty much nothing here, I'm sorry ;_;
I've also gone on a huge buying spree, and all I can think about lately is how much I want cute tops and high-waisted shorts and oxfords and flouncy dresses and chiffon button-ups and lace-up ankle boots!... ahhhh I need money...

As for this measly update... Things will be better next week, I promise!

I promise! For real..


I have watched quite a few movies lately though!

Mary and Max - 4.5 / 5

A dark and bleak film, Mary and Max nevertheless is charming, emotionally introspective and very well crafted as well as more than occasionally hilarious. This poignantly beautiful movie is an ode to friendship between two  very different characters that offers some meaningful insights to life.

The Living Wake - 4 / 5

This movie is a delightful absurdist dark comedy that unfortunately runs a bit too long and loses a bit of its steam as well as its message by the end. However, it is still primally satisfying and pretty hilarious, thanks to the great performances of Mike O'Connell and Jesse Eisenberg. And did I mention that I love Jesse Eisenberg?? :3

Bartleby - 4 / 5

People who know me know that I love Crispin Glover, and all I can say here is that this movie succeeds thanks to an absolutely terrific performance from him. Not much to take away from it if you've previously read the short story. However, this is great interpretation, and Crispin Glover plays his part as the eccentric Bartelby absolutely perfectly. 

TiMER - 3.5 / 5

A rather bland exploration of a fascinating concept. Nevertheless, for what it is TiMER succeeds in neither being too overly predictable or sentimental. There isn't much to take away from the movie, though, and the ending is fairly unsatisfactory. 

Super 8 - 3 / 5

A bit ridiculous and predictable, but not in a charming way. Although it is still entertaining to a certain point, the slapped-together ending just feels like an awkward graft of conflict resolutions, all made okay simply through the main character's "power of love and empathy".

Art School Confidential - 1.5/5

Art School Confidential is a juvenile, poorly written muddled mess of a movie that lacks any of the charm or wit others in the 'high school/college movie' genre have panned out previously. I added an extra star both because I might be biased due to actually having attended art school and because I couldn't sit through the entire movie. What I can say is that it offers a very cynical, one-dimensional view of art as an institution that never quite comes through as satire but instead as ignorance.