October 28, 2012

those ARE our tennis balls...

I'm starting to get back into the habit of drawing again!... It's been hard the last couple of weeks what with work and everything, but now that I have my schedule pretty much set, it's all just a matter of actually sitting down and drawing when I get home, hah. The museum job doesn't tire me out either so I have plenty of energy to spend on drawing and movies and etc afterwards too :D I've also met a lot of  really interesting people there... at a job where all you do is stand and lock doors sometimes. Pretty surprising. Getting back into work on my portfolio too, which I keep forgetting about and then putting it off and then being really confused about. ._. 

anyway... from this week~


changed my cover photo on facebook to this

painting based on study above..

and sketches...

 i started a new moleskine :O all of these are from work hahah

and movie reviews!

Society (1989) 4/5

Society is a movie that feels very, very dated. It  gets very campy at times and eventually falls on sheer sensationalism to simplify the plot, which could have leaned towards a more subtle and surreal tone. However, I am a fan of the body horror genre, and this movie never left me bored in that department; Society proves to be an enthralling if a bit ridiculous movie perfect for the Halloween season.

Jurassic Park (1993) 4/5

After missing out on this classic movie in my childhood and then going for 18 years not understanding what people were referring to when they mentioned Jurassic Park, I've finally watched this movie, and I was pleasantly surprised. The special effects hold up very well despite the age of the film, and though it is a kid's movie, seems to be aiming for an audience that is more mature than I had expected. However, I have to criticize the obvious plot and the continual "action everywhere! you're going to get eaten! oh no!" tone in this movie; some of it feels artificial and just put in there for kicks, like the scene where the car in the trees falls above two of the moain character's heads. However, Jurassic Park does succeed in keeping momentum up and interest levels high, and I can understand why it is a classic of the time.

The Naked Gun (1988) 3.5/5

I watched The Naked Gun because I am a big fan of Airplane!. My taste in humor leans strongly towards absurdist. Therefore, I was a little disappointed that The Naked Gun had a lot less of this 'absurdist' humor and a lot more slapstick, a lot of which I felt was overdone, contrived, or just something I've seen before in bad comedy movies of my own time. However, Leslie Nielson definitely saves the movie, and the pinches of satirical ingenuity as well as a few truly funny moments make this movie one that I definitely think others would enjoy immensely; it's just not something that personally strong appeals to me.

till next time!

October 24, 2012

it is almost november

First off I wanted to say congratulations to all of my friends who made it through into Art Center this year!! Annie, Asaka, and Honda... I will be joining you guys next year hopefully, once I get my shit together and finally apply. :)

I've been pretty busy with work these days... I did get the job at the museum, and now I'm working 7 days a week! The good thing is that the job at the museum is one where I can get away with scribbling around in my tiny moleskine when I feel like it, which is pretty much the dream for me, seeing as I'm always kind of low on drawing time nowadays. Anyway, I've been sketching a lot more in my sketchbooks and in my little moleskine now that I'm working at the museum. In fact, I'm only around 5 pages away from finishing it...

anywayyy - here are things from my moleskine::

and then from my other 2 sketchbooks :>

a few studies of cars (three are from imagination though):

and two busts

and a few paintings!


:O ....yep

Also~ I watched one movie this week:
Frankenweenie (2012) 3/5

This is a movie that, disappointingly, did not ease any of my vaguely doubtful suspicions against Tim Burton's work. As per usual with any of Tim Burton's films, the varied characters shine visually. They all read on the screen and they are all very interesting to watch. However, as characters they are horribly flat, even more so than many of Tim Burton's other films, which all generally suffer from this problem too. Many of the characters are just shades of stereotypes, and others are just shallow and inscrutable. The plot leaves a bit to be desired as well, and by the time the climax comes into play, the whole thing just feels a bit drawn out, like an over-long TV episode. It all feels just a bit too "Halloween Monster Mash Movie" to me... just too much for my taste. Frankenweenie is not terrible; just not a particularly original, and to me that just lends a dull blandness to my impression of the film.

okay...xinrui out :>