October 9, 2012


i finally scanned everything!! whew... I'm never going to let myself not scan things for so long ever again. so inconvenient and boring, scanning so many things..

Anyway I'm starting to bore myself.. gotta switch up subject matter.

.....and everything I scanned.


Heavenly Creatures 4/5

A very well-made movie based on a true case of murder. The climax at the end of the movie completely tops it off, but the film is made so that the spiraling nature of the two perpetrators in the movie appears enthralling and fantastical if not a bit lurid. This movie is a character study that stays with you long after viewing.

Do Not Disturb 2.5/5

This movie was a bit of a jumble, being a collaboration using five different shorts from five different directors. My personal favorite was actually the first short film in the series - the other ones alter the personality of the 'main character', a maid witnessing or spying on these events, a bit too far. Some of the pieces felt bit cliche or over-the-top, while others simply didn't hold much impact on me. All-in-all, I feel that this movie doesn't live up to what it could have been, both technically and plot-wise.

The Bothersome Man 4/5

The Bothersome Man is a movie about ennui and the droning monotony of everyday life. While some aspects of the movie were a bit simplified, the darkly comedic elements and surreal points really made the film very enjoyable. 

The Story of Mr. Sorry 4/5

The animation style of this movie fits the film very well - it is bleak, surreal, and a bit noxious to watch. The imagery in this movie is a bit jarring, and often the actions of the main character are a bit too meek and out-there to relate. However, this film provides a completely different experience to viewers and shouldn't be missed.

Confessions of A Porn Addict 3/5

A movie that is entertaining up to a certain point and then drags on a bit long. Not funny after a certain point, but the premise is humorous enough to ride through the film. At the end, though, there is nothing much to be gained from this movie other than some dull entertainment.

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