October 24, 2012

it is almost november

First off I wanted to say congratulations to all of my friends who made it through into Art Center this year!! Annie, Asaka, and Honda... I will be joining you guys next year hopefully, once I get my shit together and finally apply. :)

I've been pretty busy with work these days... I did get the job at the museum, and now I'm working 7 days a week! The good thing is that the job at the museum is one where I can get away with scribbling around in my tiny moleskine when I feel like it, which is pretty much the dream for me, seeing as I'm always kind of low on drawing time nowadays. Anyway, I've been sketching a lot more in my sketchbooks and in my little moleskine now that I'm working at the museum. In fact, I'm only around 5 pages away from finishing it...

anywayyy - here are things from my moleskine::

and then from my other 2 sketchbooks :>

a few studies of cars (three are from imagination though):

and two busts

and a few paintings!


:O ....yep

Also~ I watched one movie this week:
Frankenweenie (2012) 3/5

This is a movie that, disappointingly, did not ease any of my vaguely doubtful suspicions against Tim Burton's work. As per usual with any of Tim Burton's films, the varied characters shine visually. They all read on the screen and they are all very interesting to watch. However, as characters they are horribly flat, even more so than many of Tim Burton's other films, which all generally suffer from this problem too. Many of the characters are just shades of stereotypes, and others are just shallow and inscrutable. The plot leaves a bit to be desired as well, and by the time the climax comes into play, the whole thing just feels a bit drawn out, like an over-long TV episode. It all feels just a bit too "Halloween Monster Mash Movie" to me... just too much for my taste. Frankenweenie is not terrible; just not a particularly original, and to me that just lends a dull blandness to my impression of the film.

okay...xinrui out :>

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