November 25, 2012

( ˘ ³˘)♥

I've been working on my portfolio.... getting into panic mode nowadays... Last week was a mess for me in so many ways, but things are finally settling again (I hope). Scanned things from last week & started on a new moleskine too :o

crappy selfportraits

? some sketch

scanned things

new moleskine, yay!


The Royal Tenenbaums (2002) 4.5/5

An offbeat, charming film that is both subtle and sharp its its humor; The Royal Tenenbaums is an extremely well directed and delightfully rich absurdist piece with a lasting hint of poignancy.

November 19, 2012

i could eat a whole celestial musician.

I don't feel like scanning this week!... I really didn't draw too much anyway so it doesn't really matter much at all. :(
This week I started learning the ukelele because of my buddy Apollo, who has a cool name and a cool beard (  However... I don't have my own ukelele yet so I can't become a hipster ukelele girl just yet. :c

Don't have much to show this week either... but I'm trying to get down and finish stuff for portfolio again, have to be done with characters by the end of the month! ,_, And when I'm done I'll upload it all in a big post here.. :'D for now just more junk. more and more junk.

are you tired of my bullshit yet?



November 12, 2012

did i even do anything this week?

uhh, not really.


movie review:

Rushmore (1998) 4/5

A film with distinct personality, Rushmore has a mild quirkiness that is very charming. Despite the wacky and non-linear plot, Wes Anderson is remarkably successful in weaving everything together, never letting the plot run over the rails into irrelevance or non sequitur.

November 5, 2012

"They're supposed to sweep but they don't... it's a TRAVESTY"

Hi there :D Lots of sketches and stuff today... I forgot to paint this week, hah. :> My Halloween was pretty uneventful, but this week I went to my first wedding ceremony and I got Shadowline, which is an awesome book! :D I also drew like 30 pages in my moleskine or something at work but I had to cut down on it a bit because I got caught a few times... have to learn to be more sneaky :P
It's finally getting colder around here.... :3 I can wear scarves again, yay

did a lot of busts and stuff this week.. threw in a few from imagination too

 moleskine sketches and jumbled notes

and some movie reviews to round it off...

 Looper (2012) 4/5 

Looper is a film that falls a bit short near the ending and isn't completely satisfying, with a few plot holes and a lot of unbelievability thrown into the mix. However, with or without complete suspension of disbelief, it plays out as an edge-of-your-seat action film that doesn't feel too contrived or dumbed down.
Insidious (2011) 1.5/5

Ridiculous, cliche, and over the top in the most un-scary way. Insidious is a hilarious film; it's an ignorant, uninformed amalgamation of different bad movies and cheap, dumbed-down Hollywood versions of actual spiritual concepts. A dull, unintelligent movie that looks fake and silly, and lives right up to that expectation.

and finally, have some Tycho to calm you down :)

see you next weeeek :D