November 19, 2012

i could eat a whole celestial musician.

I don't feel like scanning this week!... I really didn't draw too much anyway so it doesn't really matter much at all. :(
This week I started learning the ukelele because of my buddy Apollo, who has a cool name and a cool beard (  However... I don't have my own ukelele yet so I can't become a hipster ukelele girl just yet. :c

Don't have much to show this week either... but I'm trying to get down and finish stuff for portfolio again, have to be done with characters by the end of the month! ,_, And when I'm done I'll upload it all in a big post here.. :'D for now just more junk. more and more junk.

are you tired of my bullshit yet?




  1. never. never tired of tha shayt. btw nice paintings they are really cute. and nice face at the end of your post. cute as well...

    1. hondaaa you counteracted erik's mean comment :'D like a true friend...