November 5, 2012

"They're supposed to sweep but they don't... it's a TRAVESTY"

Hi there :D Lots of sketches and stuff today... I forgot to paint this week, hah. :> My Halloween was pretty uneventful, but this week I went to my first wedding ceremony and I got Shadowline, which is an awesome book! :D I also drew like 30 pages in my moleskine or something at work but I had to cut down on it a bit because I got caught a few times... have to learn to be more sneaky :P
It's finally getting colder around here.... :3 I can wear scarves again, yay

did a lot of busts and stuff this week.. threw in a few from imagination too

 moleskine sketches and jumbled notes

and some movie reviews to round it off...

 Looper (2012) 4/5 

Looper is a film that falls a bit short near the ending and isn't completely satisfying, with a few plot holes and a lot of unbelievability thrown into the mix. However, with or without complete suspension of disbelief, it plays out as an edge-of-your-seat action film that doesn't feel too contrived or dumbed down.
Insidious (2011) 1.5/5

Ridiculous, cliche, and over the top in the most un-scary way. Insidious is a hilarious film; it's an ignorant, uninformed amalgamation of different bad movies and cheap, dumbed-down Hollywood versions of actual spiritual concepts. A dull, unintelligent movie that looks fake and silly, and lives right up to that expectation.

and finally, have some Tycho to calm you down :)

see you next weeeek :D

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