December 30, 2012

happpppy holidays?!

Merry Christmasss! These past two weeks have been a bit of down time for me, even though I totally don't deserve it, with my portfolio deadline coming up in a month @_@ ahhh! Umm I finally have a bit of free time now that I'm only working one job, hah. I would say that things have been looking up for me though... except for work, where I got caught a bunch of times and so now I'm unable to draw there for a while u_u But anywayy other than that it's been pretty good, just the stress of that huge looming portfolio deadline starting to get to me nowadays. Oh wellll though :> New Year's is coming up!.. It's going to be 2013 :o


Little Otik (2000) 4/5

A bizarre film that is somewhat predictable in some areas despite its authentically creepy, surrealistic edge. Little Otik is a movie that is difficult to forget and an absolutely unnerving experience.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) 5/5

Impeccably constructed, humorous and charming throughout. Thrilling and whimsical, this is one of Wes Anderson's finest.

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