December 10, 2012

I'm 19 nowwww

Hectic week...sort of. Lots of emotional ups and downs... and I turned 19! My family all decided to give me cash for some reason, which is fine by me. Anyway.... still working on portfolio of course. I got a little off track this week because of things that have been happening to me, but hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon. Unrelated: I played through Journey, which was absolutely ammmmazing!.. *_*

As for the other things I've been drawing... umm I painted this girl, this is the sketch lol...

and a whole bunch of sketches. I finished another book yesterday! =w=

btw follow my friend apollo, he's cool and he finally made an actual blog!

and umm, i watched this

The Host (2006) 4/5

This is a monster movie that at some points feels like it could be anything else except one. Wholly unbelievable and largely unpredictable, The Host is a bizarre movie that, despite its strange plot twists, doesn't fail to excite and has a fairly superb sense of humor as well.

...going to bed now, it's 4 AM ;_;

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