December 4, 2012

it's been a rough week.

Things have been kind of tough and stressful for me lately, as I've said in the last few posts. This week in particular I was working a lot on my portfolio and pretty much didn't do any personal work, which is why I don't really have an update :P (I'm going to post all the portfolio stuff together :O) but to make up for it, here are some things that I'm scrapping and not putting into my portfolio... well I might stick them in the end I suppose. I'm not sure... some of them I might end up using. But for now they're not important, so... here they are! :O

 scrapped ideas from back when main character was some sort of rogue girl

ideas for gas monsters who live in the desert.. not sure if i'm still going to use that

ideas from when the boy in my story was more of a teenager 

not sure if i'm going to keep this..

or these.. hovercar ideas and a very technically uninformed painting for a gas mask

Also... a mysterious nose. not related to portfolio

:o who does it belong to????

movie review

Prometheus (2012) 3.5 / 5

Prometheus is a movie with stunning designs and absolutely mindblowing visuals. Sadly, the plot doesn't live up to the gorgeous beauty of the film, and almost all of the characters are bland and undeveloped. There are some strange gaping holes in the story and I would say that there are some points where I felt a bit weary of the film - it doesn't live up to its premises and it seems a bit empty at its core, relying on its amazing visuals and special effects to hold up interest. Nevertheless, Prometheus is a unique scifi film that is entertaining and definitely worth seeing, if almost solely for its beautiful visuals.

till next time...! i'm going to be 19 very soon ;_;

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