December 25, 2013

merry christmas 2O13

unfortunately i'm not really a holiday cheer type of person, but happy holidays to all of you out there, god knows i've eaten too much over the holdiays this year...

here's some character stuff 

this one is unfinished maybe indefinitely


December 11, 2013


 These are from a Rendering class I took at PCC this semester - unfortunately I don't actually have any good renderings here because I had to turn them all in for the final at the end of the class. haha. But these are some of the drawings I did during the semester that didn't make it...

I was surprisingly impressed by the quality of the two classes I took at PCC, both my classes were really great and I actually learned a whole lot :o!

here's some geoforms..

a set of knives

some ideation stuff on martini glasses

water bottles - a lot of them

and some glass - in - glass action...

more later! so many pages to scan!...

November 28, 2013

sketchbook pages

haven't posted sketchbook pages in a while, so here's some from my new one :)
happy thanksgiving!


November 14, 2013

just some junk

lots of this and that. :>

30 min paintings


quick character sketch

and some studies here and there.

just mundane things

October 1, 2013

Brave New World

after my statement in July about a better update SOON, I completely lied and didn't post anything for 2 months. haha. Anyway, I'm finally done with this project, now I'm going to do fun stuff and illustrations and studies again and blah blah. I've been taking two classes at PCC that are really wonderful and have been helping me a lot, and I still work part time so I haven't had much time for any of my own stuff but now that this project is done a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!
so here it is , designs around Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.


-- these i didn't end up putting into the project, but they are here nevertheless--

cheerio mates. going back on the grid