January 27, 2013

big head & sandpaper hands

So I've finished my portfolio.... I turned everything in and now it's just... the waiting game! A couple of things are still making me nervous.. I need to do financial aid things and I have to check up on my transcripts being sent and blah blah. It's been kind of strange getting back into drawing whatever I want again and doing studies and stuff, I'm really really rusty and just sketching at all feels strange. So I have to get back into it for sure... I've been playing a lot of diablo3 and pigging out lately though :I

figure studies i dug up somewhere

portraits, from photos/life


i only painted the ugly part of this one

Oh! So I thought I might start a segment here on my blog for what I've been listening to each week... because I found some really great music this week, old bands and new ones, listening to some great albums here and there :)

This week I've been listening to::

1) Wonky Doll And The Echo // Pleasant Thoughts 
highlight song : Physical

2) The Antlers // Burst Apart
highlight song : Rolled Together

3) Art of Noise // The Best of the Art of Noise
highlight song : Moments in Love

January 20, 2013

Art Center Portfolio :o

It's finalllllly done! Well.. I just need to get it printed out and bound now and then I have to write my essay and fill out the app and turn it all in. But I've finally finished the most important part!... I actually went through one more pass of editing after this one here, just to clean up things and make it a little less rough around the edges, but I saved those in CMYK for printing which makes it look all bright and washed out on my monitor so I don't feel like putting it up here.

Anyway... here's a few months of work!.. although I procrastinated a hell of a lot until the very end. :P  
Ummm wish me luck?

January 14, 2013

it's coming down to it

next two weeks are going to be fulllll of nonstop painting and portfolio work for me, have to get it done..

here's a photo study...

and some old never-shown art i dug up to make this post a little less sparse!
These are all actually from a full year ago, for a project that was dumb and very much scrapped. Was fun to work on for a while though.

and one movie::

Django Unchained (2012) 4/5

A ridiculously enjoyable movie full of proud jubilance and glee, Django is a stylish romp that is as entertaining as it is over the top.