January 27, 2013

big head & sandpaper hands

So I've finished my portfolio.... I turned everything in and now it's just... the waiting game! A couple of things are still making me nervous.. I need to do financial aid things and I have to check up on my transcripts being sent and blah blah. It's been kind of strange getting back into drawing whatever I want again and doing studies and stuff, I'm really really rusty and just sketching at all feels strange. So I have to get back into it for sure... I've been playing a lot of diablo3 and pigging out lately though :I

figure studies i dug up somewhere

portraits, from photos/life


i only painted the ugly part of this one

Oh! So I thought I might start a segment here on my blog for what I've been listening to each week... because I found some really great music this week, old bands and new ones, listening to some great albums here and there :)

This week I've been listening to::

1) Wonky Doll And The Echo // Pleasant Thoughts 
highlight song : Physical

2) The Antlers // Burst Apart
highlight song : Rolled Together

3) Art of Noise // The Best of the Art of Noise
highlight song : Moments in Love

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