January 7, 2013

did you know that the indians called it maize?

I've been pretty preoccupied lately with portfolio stuff... but hey, it's 2013! The world didn't end after all.

Here are some sketches and stufff... some of these are from a week back or so, I forgot to put them in with the last batch, hah. I haven't been able to draw at work and I've stopped working on anything other than portfolio in the rest of my time, so sketches and stuff have been meager. I can't wait until I (hopefully) finish everything and can get back to sketching and doodling and studies :P For now, I'm sort of in a frenetic panic mode..

here's some heads/cars

sketches from my book

and all the moleskines i've gone through since starting work! :O


 Rango (2011) 4/5

Rango is a film that is brilliantly visual and full of energy. A large portion of the charm in this movie is derived from the playful stylization of the characters and the little quirks in all the various designs. Wacky and action-filled, this is a great family movie that is suited for older audiences as well.

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