February 12, 2013





No Strings Attached (2011) 1.5 / 5

A predictable, stereotypical, cliche romantic comedy that doesn't come across as romantic, comical, or even a bit charming. Instead, they waste Natalie Portman's talent on a pointedly annoying, one-dimensional character. 

Dahmer (2002) 3 / 5

An attempt at portraying Dahmer and his motives that, in the end, feels pointless and unnecessary. Tries very hard to be an art-house movie, but is largely unsuccessful.

Jackass 1,2,3  4.5 /5

Quality entertainment.


Hounds // Burst Apart // The Antlers

Safety // Grace/Confusion // Memory Tapes

Stop! // Welcome To The Glitter Dome // Erasure

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