February 4, 2013

i come from a land down under

hi hi!
life is a great big party :>


Eastern Promises 3.5 / 5

A movie that feels on a whole a bit lacking, Eastern Promises is nevertheless an acceptable film from an amazing director who has done so much more in the past. There were some plot holes and some of the actions taken by characters felt wholly unnatural. However, the mood of the movie was very well done and there is one 'fight' scene in particular that is both gory and fabulous.

Puss In Boots 3.5/5

A typical children's movie that doesn't really offer anything new, Puss In Boots is at least exceptional in its design direction and animation quality. Puss In Boots attempts to explore the theme of friendship and forgiveness, but only does a mediocre job of it, though the halfhearted plot twists might leave young children in awe. As for me, I felt there was really nothing much to gain from this movie, though the visuals were terrific.

Take This Waltz 3.5 /5

A surprisingly human film, this movie is heartbreakingly specific. Although some plot devices are cliche and the characters are at most undeveloped, especially the wistfully annoying Margot, there are definitely moments in this movie that will strike a chord.

A Letter To Momo 4/5

This imaginative feature boasts rich animation whose beauty and detail challenges Studio Ghibli and related anime studios. The story is family oriented and altogether heartwarming  Although I felt that the director left too many loose strands near the end of the movie to be tied together, the climax is well done and the movie is on a whole very satisfying, an enjoyable film for children and adults alike.

The Big Lebowski 4.5/5

This Coen brothers cult classic is a silly ode to the modern age that is witty, ironic and just hilarious throughout. 

and music!

Bicycle // Seek Magic // Memory Tapes

The Killing Moon // Ballyhoo // Echo and the Bunnymen

Sun In Your Eyes // Shields // Grizzly Bear

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