March 19, 2013

i want to re-dye my hair burgundy

I've learned in the last couple of years that sometimes life just doesn't go according to plan. But here's to 2013 and to getting (most of) the things I've wished for... and a bit more. :> To not looking back... and working the hardest I can!

some random studies.. a gas canister, a blender, and a clamp that was just wayyy too boring for me to finish rendering

studies on clothing/materials

painting of someone cool i know

two really really ugly painting sketches

and... drawings, an okay amount of them.
pushing myself to draw more and more from the imagination, there is a mental roadblock i have there that i've figured out is pretty much just fear and self-loathing for drawing the ugliest, most disproportionate, uncreative, and annoyingly vague things out of my head. but you have to get through the ugly drawings to reach the good ones... so here are some shitty sketches ಠ_ಠ

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