April 9, 2013

hay there sweet thang

I skipped a week of updating again!... ahh.. scandalous, I know.  A lot of weird stuff just happened to me in the past few weeks and I had to scramble to catch up a bit. For a few days I couldn't draw at all because my wrist was acting up really badly... I think I'm starting to get carpal tunnel. I tried drawing with my left hand for a while and I actually became fairly proficient at it, but then my wrist stopped hurting as much and I switched back. I've been trying to put less pressure on my wrist now when I draw, but it's difficult when that's the only way you know how to draw!... Plus I feel like being unable to use my wrist also limits what marks I'm able to make. But.. whatever. Other crazy things happened, nothing else especially worth divulging though. hah.
Anyway... not updating for a week gave me another big backlog of things to upload and scan and such... ahhh!

here is a bug man I painted and then got bored of

quick sketch of a dude on the toilet.

super generic head painting that looks like every head i've ever painted ever

messing around with lighting

and this misc thing


a few still lifes

and sketches

figure studies

drew some foxes

stuff from head

practice with loomis mannekins

studies here and there... some bugs

cool helmets

 farm vehicles

and some cars from imagination

 and here are the few acceptable pages from my current sketchbook

i thought i lost my earbud but it was just buried deep in my ear

"portrait of a breaded man"

cars and nonsense

had to pick up the turtle in the garden at work. there are lotus flowers though, really pretty!


and other other other things

drew two coworkers with my left hand, hah

that's it for the drawings! ... but i watched a lot of stuff in the past two weeks too @_@

soooo some movies!

Brazil (1985) 5/5

An altogether visionary dark comedy that is imaginative, clever, and wholly convoluted. Brazil is tragic and unique as well as wickedly humorous. Every bit of this Terry Gilliam masterpiece is riddled in satirical genius, a brazen social and political commentary that is ripe with detail as well as creative flair.

Aliens (1986) 4.5/5

The sequel to Alien succeeds in all the areas where the original Alien falls flat. Though not as atmospheric than Alien, this sequel is definitely fresh, offering surprises around every corner. The characters are for the most part memorable and the main character, straight from the hellhole in Alien, remains strong with Sigourney Weaver pulling off the role excellently. That combined with the positively amazing visual effects and designs, which have held up well over the years, makes Aliens a very successful film.

How to Get Ahead in Advertising (1989) 3.5 / 5

A movie that plays largely on creepy gross-out body horror and long, winded tirades about consumerism. How To Get Ahead in Advertising is definitely a strange and wickedly entertaining film, albeit one that muddles around in the same vein over and over again with prolonged gusto. A bit too over-the-top and unstructured for my taste; however, Richard E. Grant does a fantastic job as the main character.

Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) 3/5

This Silent Hill 3 movie adaption does a good job in pulling certain aspects from the games and reusing them for the story canon. I appreciated the numerous references to Heather's birthday and the explanation of her khaki vest, as well as the frantic jiggling of doorknobs, which is definitely a theme that follows the player throughout the game. However, the love interest between Heather and Vincent, which is purely contrived for this movie, feels strangely forced and confusing, not to mention that the plot is just as equally impenetrable. This Silent Hill adaption is wholly unspectacular at best, relying on cheap scares and audience loyalty to the game series to try to draw viewers.

The Swan Princess (1994) 3/5

A movie that held up much much more successfully when I watched it as a child. Unfortunately, this is an animated feature that falls prey to using all of the story-book cliches in existence, which is far, far less passable when re-approaching the film as an adult.

LOL (2012) 2/5

 A coming-of-age film that would like to think it knows everything about youth culture but hits far from the mark. LOL strikes out with an unappealing, wholly unrelatable movie "for teens" that is shallow, inexplicable, and full of unlikeable over-the-top beauty queens acting out cliche, cookie-cutter parts, as well as a strained, almost incestous mother-daughter relationship that communicates as more creepy than maternal. 

and some music!

Who knows if anyone ever actually checks these out... I hope people do @_@. oh well!

This week I've been listening on and on to Youth Lagoon's new album, Wondrous Bughouse. Fabulous, fabulous album. Here's a good track from it:

Attic Doctor - Youth Lagoon (Wondrous Bughouse)

also, white denim is a pretty cool band! here's a nice track from them. :)

Keys - White Denim (D)

that's about it i guess!...wheeeew, it always takes so long to put these posts together.. tired now. zzz

here is an angry goose!

good night :)

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