May 7, 2013

it's been a month

So i figured i should update.  nothing eventful has really happened to me. I went to my first concert ever last month though (Beach Fossils), it was fun and moshpits are crazy.
I reread Ender's Game and went through 2001: A Space Odyssey and Brave New World on audiobook, as well as the classic Art of War by Sun Tzu. Audiobooks are my new life saver, honestly...

I ended up not signing up for CDA this term after all; instead I'm taking Intro to Product/Transportation Design at Art Center @ Night, starting the middle of May. Should be fun :)

Also, I changed my seldom-updated art tumblr's theme :
I like it a lot more than what I had before :P 

Other than all that, quite uneventful. 
On a side note, I've decided to try going 'no poo' for a while (it's not what it sounds like, look it up lol), so I'll see how that goes.
Things are quite ho-hum over in my little pocket of existence!

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