July 1, 2013


hi there! i've been MIA for a while but for the last couple of weeks it's been because i've been too busy rather than too lazy... i've been running around doing things here and there and crazy things are happening and have happened in my life again (they always ALWAYS do) and i have a million things i need to draw and finish and work on and i have dumb mindless work and just all this stuff going on! @_@ ....and on top of that, it's been really really hot. but here is a lot of the stuff i have done lately, it is not all of it, but i did get behind on updating as you maybe noticed... ahah.

 painting studies for noah's art camp:

some stuff from imagination/for project

some sketches and studies:

&some homework from class (only last week's though):

movies i've watched (long long overdue)

The Fall (2006) 4/5

A visually stunning movie that seems to take a large chunk from Jodorowsky's surrealistic imagery; unfortunately, The Fall's plot details are a mixed success. Nevertheless, it's uniquely stunning craftsmanship makes this film a must-see.

This Is The End (2013) 4/5

A movie that succeeded my expectations - This Is The End proved to be just  enough silly slapped-together lowbrow comedy to be satisfying without lapsing too much into stupidity or boorishness.

Armageddon (1998) 3.5/5

An over-long though visually fixating movie that is a continual stampede of action movie cliches.

Ju-On: The Grudge (2003) 2.5/5

A poorly executed film that strives to be something it never quite reaches; Ju-On is disappointingly stale.

oh, and i've been trying to be more healthy lately!! :) :) and in the past week i've been learning how to cook some yummy healthy stuff... here's some bonus pictures of that haha :D they don't all look too great but they were all delicious and heavenly, especially those stuffed tomatoes...

wheww... anyway that concludes this post... until next time buddies :>

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